Kiln Fused Glass Art & Jewellery


Handmade in Lincolnshire 

I'm a contemporary kiln-fused glass artist living and working in North Hykeham, Lincolnshire.
I produce a range of contemporary, unique and affordable 'artworks' for everyday use, including artwork for wall-mounting and display, gifts and 'wearable' art in the form of jewellery. I really love working with such a tactile medium and am very passionate about my work. I handcraft high quality, exciting and an ever-growing range of both vibrant and more natural designs to suit individual tastes. My inspirations come from nature and everyday urban and rural environments; from textiles, architecture and travel to the Great British coastline and countryside.
I first experimented with glass fusing whilst studying for my BA(Hons) degree in Education Studies and Art at Bishop Grosseteste College, Lincoln. During 2006 I furthered my knowledge and understanding of contemporary glass fusing through a series of courses, and now have two kilns to fire my 'glassy goodies'!
I predominantly use two different types of glass; Bullseye and Float glass. My artwork, especially jewellery is often complemented by the luxurious qualities of dichroic glass. Dichroic Glass is a multi-layer coating placed onto the glass, it has a transmitted colour (where light passes through the glass) and a completely different reflective colour (where light reflects off the glass) and these two colours shift depending on angle of view. Recycled glass is often incorporated into my artwork when using float glass, and crafting nature inspired designs. Each piece of artwork is kiln fired (often several times) to temperatures above 800C until the desired affect is achieved and then slowly cooled for maximum strength. Texture is created by tack fusing and smooth surfaces achieved by fully fusing layers of transparent and coloured glass.
I hope you enjoy my art and crafts as much as I enjoy creating them!

In 2016, Donna launched 'The Art Pod'.  Inspiring children to develop their love for art, within a nurturing, fun and friendly environment. Offering regular workshops for children from 8 years old. More recently Donna hosts workshops for private groups, community projects and even birthday celebrations for all ages.